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Topic: HDSP 9632 low pitch issue

Hi everyone

I recently bought a HDSP 9632 and after installing the drivers and updating the firmware (4.26/155)
the card worked, but the pitch of everything is incredibly low. (everything as in FL studio, Protools, music files, even windows sounds)

So here are a list of things i've tried (tested with mp3 file on windows media player):
-rebooting my PC (obviously)
-different buffer sizes
-decreasing the number of WDM devices
-trying different sample rates (changing from 48Khz to 44.1 raised the pitch a little but definetively not enough)

I've also tried some possible solutions posted here, regarding the pitch slider on the hamerfall DSP settings:


didn't work either

I've also noticed that my motherboard (ECS p67h2-a3...yes, i know, pretty old) has PCI rev 2.2 ports, instead of the rev 2.1 mentioned on the manual of the 9632. Could that be it?

any ideas?

I'm running Windows 7 SP1 x64

PS: i'll try installing the card in another PCs in a couple of days and see what happens


Re: HDSP 9632 low pitch issue

You bought a used 9632 that needs service (sample rate oscillator circuit defective).

Matthias Carstens