Topic: Dual PC setup for streaming

Can you provide me a hardware solution that would do this?

I have seen videos that use the RME Babyface Pro and RME Digiface USB Digital Audio Interface, but they skipped all the details in setup.
My current setup is way too many wires, Mixers and In and Out loops and creates a lot of issues. RME was recommended to me for a better solution.

My current setup is a Focusrite 18i8 on Gaming Pc and Yamaha MG10XU Mixer on Stream PC.

I have two pcs , one for streaming content to YouTube or Twitch. And the other is for Gaming and How-to Videos.

I need to be able to route sounds from the stream pc twitch console for alerts from viewers to the headphones. I also need to hear the Discord, Game and Music from Gaming PC in headphones.

I also need to hear the audio from the skype laptop and Korg Kronos keyboard.

The OBS Software on Stream PC (Use to send Audio and Video to Internet) Needs to be able to get the Microphone, Game, Discord, Music, Keyboard and Skype Audio as well as the OBS sounds .

Ideally, I can route my microphone audio only back to the skype call.

Lastly my headphones are Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Open Studio Headphones 250 Ohms that require a decent amount of power to drive them. My current Yamaha mixer does fine but the focusrite 18i8 does not have enough power and have to max out the headphone volume.

Once I have the new setup in place I will be doing a review on how to make this solution much easier than current ways on YouTube.

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Re: Dual PC setup for streaming

Whats your max budget ?
Which OS ?

It's not possible to connect one recording interface via USB/FW to multiple PCs, but what you could do:

Get a recording interfaces that has all required I/O and connect it to main PC.
Connect streaming PC i.e. via TOSLINK (optical SPDIF) to the recording interface of the main PC.
All the audio routing then takes place on the main PC with TotalMix FX.

With "TotalMix FX Remote" on the streaming PC you can even
remote control the TotalMix FX software mixer of the main PC via LAN/WLAN.

Check whether i.e. a RME UC or UCX has all required I/O ports for you.

Not required now for you .. but for the future: This solution is kind of scalable in terms of D/A conversion quality. You can even enrich this by getting an ADI-2 Pro FS on top in the future, shall you want to integrate high quality phones and speakers: … our-Setup/

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Re: Dual PC setup for streaming

Thank you for the info Ramses

OS is Windows 10 on both systems.

Budget is open to what ever is needed to do this once.

My thought was to add a RME Digiface USB Digital Audio Interface to the Gaming Rig and the Baby Face Pro on the Stream PC

This way they both have a usb connection and then I can do a  ADAT/SPDIF I/O to connect the two units. Since the both have in and out.

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Re: Dual PC setup for streaming

You should make a list of required analog and digital inputs and outputs
Like i.e.
Analog Inputs
2 - unbalanced - from keyboard
Analog Putputs
2 - balanced - to monitors
2 - unbalanced - to phones
Digital Inputs
2 - ADAT - from streaming PC (Digiface USB)
etc etc

Then it's easier to see the total amount of channels that you require for each type of connections to find out which recording interface fits best for your setup.

And yes you could connect the two recording interfaces. I misunderstood you 1st, I thought you were looking for a solution to connect a recording interface to two PC ... that's not possible.

But I wonder why you have 2 PCs and want to buy 2 recording interfaces.
Thats double effort in many ways:
PC, Windows Licenses, Recording Interfaces, Administrative efforts, Anti Virus Protection, etc

I would buy 1 PC with enough horsepower, 1 recording interface for everything and thats it.

I am doing it the same: 1 powerful siltent PC for: recording, video editing, gaming, office programs, virtualization.
See here in my blog: … mponenten/ … cks-de-en/

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Re: Dual PC setup for streaming

Thank you I will start building the list this evening.

I already have the two pc setup both very High End i7's with 32gb Ram m2 boot drives and a ton of ssd drives.  RTX2080ti and RTX 2070 video cards

I use a 4k capture cards in the streaming rig from the gaming rig.

If you do a lot of game live streaming in 4k it takes a massive amount of power to stream and capture at the same time. Not to mention when you edit 4k footage it is huge. When you hit render in adobe premier you are not going to be able to use that computer for hours.

Once you get a game like fortnite apex or blackops that might not be perfectly optimized, obs, discord, twitch or Youtube live, daw with some vocal effects running on the same rig you will notice the system taking a beating. 

I had times that after streaming for 30 minutes my RE20 mic just stopped working. Turned off Scralett 18i8 and it worked again. Sometimes mic would go quiet on stream but fine on main pc and had to reboot mixer because audio to second pc was horrible.

Thought it was my mic replaced the Mic and same issues. Switched to all Mogami Gold cables same issues.

So i am done with lower level audio equipment that seems to have issues. I would rather pay more for something i can rely on. Something that when it is setup it just works everyday.

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Re: Dual PC setup for streaming

Thanks for the details. When I am gaming I am not recording, therefore my proposal to have 1 PC, but your setup is different.
Recording under high load or with background jobs isn't recommended.
So it makes sense in your case to split the load.

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