Topic: feature request

When having the spectral analyser's size is set to small the black horizontal lines between the blue/yellow bars are annoying. Could you have an option to remove the black horizontal lines?

Also could you increase the the band and resolution fidelity so the spectral analyser's grid will be chopped up in smaller vertical and horizontal increments? Right now the max is 30-band and 0.5 dB. Couldn't you increase that to 60-band or 120-band and .25dB?

Would my requests require extensive coding or is it a relatively simple modification to the source code?


Re: feature request

Please read the online help. This is not a simple FFT-style analyzer, so more bands are neither easy nor make much sense.

Matthias Carstens

Re: feature request

What about making DIGICheck open-source tool or provide an SDK to open up the opportunity to develop custom stuff? Like better version analyzer..