Topic: ADI2 clipping when DAW is not


I am running and ADI-2 for AD/DA conversion via spdif with my digi003 desk. I am finding that the meter on the adi2 is always in the red when the master fader in protools is not clipping. I have tried the different settings on the adi-2 (-10. +4 etc) but am finding that the only way I can keep the adi-2 out of the red is by lowering my master fader in Protools.
Can someone please let me know if doing something wrong here? Thanks


Re: ADI2 clipping when DAW is not

As mentioned in the manual the ADI-2's level meter shows red already at -2 dBFS. I have no clue how that relates to ProTools' master fader, as that would be DA and there is no DA level meter at the unit.

Matthias Carstens