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I saw that many people had difficulty posting images on this forum.

Here is a little tutorial to learn how to use HFR Rehost tool, a free (and ad free) tool provided by the biggest IT forum here in France. It is a Web tool, it works on Mac and PCs and with any browser. For the demo, I will use Firefox (Windows 10).

You must have the image (png, jpg, jpeg, gif etc.) somewhere on your computer. You will have to upload it on the tool, and the tool will provide you an URL to the image or, better, directly the code with the img markup to directly copy-paste it on your post. It works on a lot of forums (PhpBB, PunBB etc.).

First, go to the tool:

You will see this:

You see the "Upload" section? Click on "Browse" (in French: "Parcourir"), locate on your computer the image file you want to post and select it.

Click "Open".
You will be back on the first screen and your image is ready to be sent: click on "Send" ("Envoyer" in French).

There you are! Your image is on the internet, ready to be posted! cool

You will see this screen:

The tool provide you all the links you may need. You just have to copy-paste one of them in your forum post and the image will (magically) appear. Which one, do you ask... yikes  yikes

    In the first rectangular section, the links allow you to post a clickable image (Original size, 800 px, 600 px ou Preview). When the image will be clicked in the forum, the full size image will appear.

      In the second section, the image is displayed without a link.

      If your image is not too big (1000 px max.), I advise you to use the one which is highlighted in the image above (real size, without a link).

      And I advise you to use the one beneath if your image is too large to be displayed on the forum (more than 1000 px):
      In that case, a 800 px image is generated, and when people will click on it, the full size image will appear.

      If you want a concrete example:

      Method 1:

      Method 2:

      I hope this can help. And please tell me if something is not cristal clear or if I have made too many English spelling mistakes...


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      Another method / description: … rum-EN-DE/

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      Re: [How to] post an image on the forum :)

      I also encountered this problem when I wanted to post my works. The best method is to access the site settings and find information about attaching photos because each site has its functions, and of course, they are different. I started to get passionate about pencil sketch and often draw only in this style. For a while, I needed the opinion of people and maybe something new idea; that's why I decided to share with my drawings on different forums. Friends explained to me how I could attach a picture, and now I take advantage of people's comments continuously.

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      Re: [How to] post an image on the forum :)

      holleyatt wrote:

      I also encountered this problem when I wanted to post my works.

      In the blog article (that MC mentioned in post #2 above) I also gave a little background to this "cloud thematic".
      The actually required steps are only a few and once you know how to use it, it's quite easy to use.

      If there is still something unclear then please tell, with your feedback I can check whether the blog article needs improvment.

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