Topic: Why doesn't RME support Ravenna?

Is there a reason for it? I've read some post here about it, but no one answered. To me it's a really promising AoIP solution, and it's sad that it isn't that much used. Is it too expensive to develop an 384 kHz interface? Is it that not that many other companies uses is?

If there came out a line with Ravenna, I would join it. Let's say a master interface with new USB4 standard, Ravenna and some A/D D/A converters. You could add A/D and D/A converters later like the whole MADI thing RME has going on. MADI is great, but I think it's time for something new. An upgrade.

Re: Why doesn't RME support Ravenna?

The question is maybe more, whether there is a market for that. … b-ravenna/

Look at the new products .. RME offers recording interfaces for AVM and Dante which are big in the market.
New converter like "M32 Pro AD / DA " support AVM and MADI.
By MADI support they can be integrated in existing MADI setups.
By AVM you have a license free standards based on L2 with low latencies.

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Re: Why doesn't RME support Ravenna?

Thanks for the answer, that makes sense. I just really hope they dare to take the step in to Ravenna, because looks objectively better (at least from what I’ve seen). It can be connected to Dante gear and AVB (with 2 ms latency) among others vie the AES67 protocol, so it doesn’t put a stop to anything if they use it. And MADI could be optional in an AD/DA as in the Micstacy preamp to make it cheaper for those who doesn’t need it. It would also make it easier to phase out if AoIP takes over.

There could be better solutions that Ravenna, but I haven't found any. Could also be that I've misunderstood parts of it, I'm not perfect.