Topic: New website - where is the discontinued section?

The new website seems to have removed the 'discontinued' section, which was useful, particularly for finding drivers for older pieces of equipment.

One of RME's greatest strengths has been the long lifespan of equipment - true professional equipment.  And part of this is being able to access old drivers long after development has stopped.  This seems to have been removed with the upgrade to a 'form over function' site?

For instance, trying to find drivers for a Multiface II draws a blank - the search for the term multiface leads to a series of links (none of which appear to be clickable, had to copy and paste the URLs), the first of which leads to a 403 error

Second link: can't find any multiface info here, despite it being in the search summary.

The following links follow the same pattern.

I'm seriously unimpressed.  What was always a pro company (whose equipment I've championed to clients for the last 20 years) seems to have gone the route that many others have had, and gone for a website which is all about appearances, parallax scrolling and obfuscated use, instead of information for professional clients.

Re: New website - where is the discontinued section?

The new website is still being improved.
The old website is still online:

Audio AG Support

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Re: New website - where is the discontinued section?

Thanks a lot for the link RME.

I agree with djaychela. I'm also not happy about how this was handled. Keeping legacy information available is very important for professional products. It would had been nicer to first have all information on the page before hiding the old one. Or at least put a note with this link in sections that are not finished yet to inform the customer that you still could access the the old page as a workaround.

Also, the old product manuals are not on the new page.
And there is no hint which driver I have to use with an PCIe interface and a Multiface connected to it, as both products are not mentioned below the 'Supported products' headline anymore (they were on the old page).

I just wanted to download them. Luckily I found this thread with the link to the old page.
What about people who needs to look up something in the manual from an older product at exactly this weekend? Or which have to get the driver for a new installation?

One computer I have still does use a Multiface with a PCIe card and it's still just great.

I have an idea. Why not add at least a legacy section? Then you would have a clean section for the current products, but you can still access information and driver for the older gear.


Re: New website - where is the discontinued section?

Thanks. We are getting tons of feedback on the new site and will be working on improving it within the next two weeks. After that it should be both functional, easy to navigate and still more modern looking than the old one. The old website will stay available for a long time and thus help with old products.

Matthias Carstens

Re: New website - where is the discontinued section?

Thanks a lot for taking our concerns serious, Matthias. Have a nice weekend!