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Topic: The new download section isn't clear and not easy to understand

Dear RME,
the new pages looks nice. Good work.

But I would kindly recommend to rework the download section (drivers, tools, manuals, legacy products) a bit from the formatting and graphics design.

The text layout and formatting (brief: the whole information in this section) is not easy to process. The seperation between entries is sometimes even missing. I'm confused looking at the download section and have to read it multiple times. Hard to find the driver or tool you want.

In the past you had clear headlines, good separation between entries. Now it's just a long list of text with some backgrounds. I'm not sure were one entry starts and were it ends sometimes. I have to orientate by the last column 'downloads' instead of the looking at the introducing text.

It was a really clearer before.

Please compare.
https://archiv.rme-audio.de/en/download … expand-all


There is also a bug at the new page. I can't collapse the section again after I opened it.

I hope this helps!



Re: The new download section isn't clear and not easy to understand

Thanks, this will be optimized. Please note that the best feature of the new website is that you search your drivers/firmware/manual after product. No longer being bothered with too long lists and non-related stuff. Try it.

Matthias Carstens