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hi guys,

I'm not doing this lighthearted, but since 2012 I've been waiting for speaker A/B function in totalmix, as well as 5.1 functionality.

and by "function" I don't mean that obscure workarounds, that you guys are suggesting every year when I come back here or even on Tonmeistertagung or similar events. You suggest ARC hotkeys and snapshots, which is way too clumsy in case you have a band mix set up. Those issues seem to be abandoned for many years.

so for my new studio I have to look for another brand. I'm quite sad about that, because anything else I like alot.


Re: Goodbye RME

allright, to be fair, and to complete this:

had couple other brands here, but none held up to the standard I was used to from RME.
although others have the 5.1 figuered out, I'm going with a RME 802 now.
great device, as always!

please improve totalmix smile

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Re: Goodbye RME

Thanks for the nice and really fair feedback.

Matches with my own observations of market. With its products, RME delivers a complete package that cannot be supplied by any other manufacturer in this quality, attention to detail, sudden enhancements, at a fair price and with this long-term support for all products.

As you can read here and then in the forum, also other people are waiting for such a feature, so it surely has attention.
I keep my fingers crossed that your wishes will hopefully come true soon.

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