Topic: HDSPe MADI FX multiple client ASIO

Hi I noticed in the specification below this card seems to support multiclient. … difx_e.pdf
quoting below:
"RME audio interfaces support multi-client operation. Several programs can be used at the same time. The formats ASIO and WDM can even be used on the same playback channels simultaneously. As WDM uses a real-time sample rate conversion (ASIO does not), all active ASIO software has to use the same sample rate."

So I guess the ASIO driver written for HDSPe MADI Fx works with multiple client? Is there any restrictions how the software is written (eg. written using the template ASIOSDK 2.3 "hostsample"), or if the software is 32/64bits?

Just asking because for Asio4all driver and steinberg's multiclient server a lot of softwares just don't show up in the multiclient server window. Not sure if it's the case for HDSPe MADI FX's driver.


Re: HDSPe MADI FX multiple client ASIO

This is on driver level and therefore always works as described in the manual. Copying the inputs to multiple hosts is an easy task. Using playback of multiple hosts on the same channels has some restrictions, like stopping one could fail because others are still running, resulting in a repeated sound fragment from the stopped program. But that is no big deal if you really need it. With the MADI FX you have tons of channels to let all ASIO apps use different output channels, so the need might not be there at all.

Matthias Carstens