Topic: MADIface no signal to DAW

I've got a setup as follows:
- a rack of analog synths routed to a DMX-R100 mixing desk
- Desk has a total of 48 channels with 1-24 being inputs and 25-48 being outputs
- The Desk is routed to a MADIface USB
- The MADIface OUT is sending to a pair of speakers for monitoring
- The USB OUT is plugged into the Windows 10 laptop

There is no signal in the mixer faders in the DAW and I have tried the following for both Reaper and Ableton:

This is set to MADIface USB
I have tried setting inputs to 1-24 and 1-48 and 25-48 and none of these configurations worked
The main synths are assigned to channel 13-14 for input and output to 37-38
I have created a track with inputs assigned as Ext in from channels 13-14 in all cases.
The out is set to Master and Master is just sending to 1/2.
The output doesn't matter to me since the monitoring is going direct to the speakers.
However I obviously want a signal coming in to record.

The DMX-R100 desk was a bit confusing to figure out. I had to read the manual and it's not
light reading. I can hear sound coming through to the speakers but no signal is being picked up in the DAW (either Ableton or Reaper). The desk has a bus built in to each channel so you have to adjust gain 3 times, once for the raw input, again for the bus chain, and again for the final output path (there are several output paths available, I just use the pgm output path).

I also installed the RME totalmix fx software as I thought maybe this is the missing link. Maybe the DAW
needed the totalmix software to communicate properly with the MADIface, but neither the totalmix software,
or either of the DAWs are showing any signal.

I also remembered to arm the tracks, just in case anyone tries to point this out. I wish it were something
simple. I'm guessing the problem lies somewhere in the desk configuration or the MADIface? I hope it's the
MADIface because the DMX is a beastly thing to deal with.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!