Topic: Prevent Blowing Speakers With UFX


I am suggesting a new software option to help prevent blowing speakers as I have nearly done several times


I have the option set in the TotalMix software to double click and it moves the faders to 0db marker, this is great for input faders

but not so great for output faders with a fair amount of amplification behind them !

I think my windows mouse double click setting is a little sensitive as periodically when adjusting the totalmix output faders it jumps to 0db

blasting the speakers and causing damage to the drivers


Yes I like this option for double clicking the fader to set level to 0db

but not for the output faders so can we have an option to mask this option for output faders

or better still.

how bout an option that if enabled for all faders, one can manually disable the double clip 0db option for any given fader, thus giving the user total control over all the faders with the double click 0db mode and saving my speakers form any further damage


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Re: Prevent Blowing Speakers With UFX

You should disable the double-click fader action in Preferences and use Ctrl-click instead to change from mute to 0 dB. Maybe using the scroolwheel to adjust faders also can help.

Still what you describe is a total mismatch between interface output level and monitor input level. You should reduce the hardware output level by using the lowest ref level option (-10 dBV). More info here:

Matthias Carstens