Topic: No MIDI on 6432 interface

A have 3 studios with ADI 6432 interface. After tons of work they finally work (they DONT work with AES-32 card! :-(
It?s time for MIDI and in one off the studios it works just fine. I get MIDI into and out of my programs through the MIDI in and out on the back of  the 6432.
But not in the other two studios.  MIDI goes in to the 6432, that?s clear as far as the MIDI led lights on the 6432 front panel, but nothing into any programs on the computer.
All studios are supposed to be identically setup ..................Any ideas?


Re: No MIDI on 6432 interface

The ADI-6432 works perfectly with the AES-32.

MIDI can only be transmitted via MADI and HDSP MADI card into a computer. Do you use one of those?

Matthias Carstens