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Hello.  New rme user but experienced audio engineer here.  I upgraded from an older saffire pro 40 to a ufx 2 with arc usb. 

Im trying to setup my control room, and need to accomplish the following:

1) Main l/r with stereo sub volume linked but mute-able  (the sub-woofer sums l/r to mono at the box)  Right now i have output 3/4 feeding the sub, but need to have it follow the level of the main L/R, and I need to turn it off, and also solo it when checking mixes.
2) speaker b is a single output mono, also controllable via the arc main volume encoder.  I feed a mono mix to a small avantone cube.  In my saffire, I would sum my mix to mono in the software and send it out a single output.  i would LOVE to have this be my easily switchable speaker b - but it appears speaker b needs to be a stereo feed which this is not.

Is this possible?  I'm looking through instructions and tutorials and not finding what I need


Re: control room setup

Nevermind - I got something happening.  The structure of total mix is just different than what Im used to.  Changing the function of the arc buttons was the game changer.   I simply assigned mute groups to all of my speaker types, and decided to save speaker b for a time that I may have a second set of nearfields.  I simply mute the speakers I don't want to listen to via a mute group.  I linked all the colume faders to the l/r scrollwheel so that the sub stays balanced with my l/r, and my mono center responds to master volume movements as well.

The unit sounds great and beyond a learning curve is a joy to use

Re: control room setup

I'm trying to achieve the same thing. Surely fairly straightforward to implement.