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I have looked through at least the first few pages of the forum and also on the product pages for TotalMixFX and can not find the answer I am looking for.

Is it possible to control TotalMix via network without doing it through a computer connected via USB?

More specifically I would like to use the Digiface Dante as a dante matrix mixer and adding a computer for other things than initial setup would be a little annoying and add another point of failure.
As far as I can tell, The device will function nicely without a computer, just like all the other RME interfaces with TotalMix, so adding OSC control via network should be relatively simple, I imagine.

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Re: OSC control stand alone

It's not that simple. Therefore using TM FX requires a computer with TM FX running, networked or not. In stand-alone mode only the standard Dante routing is available.

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Re: OSC control stand alone

Does this mean that any mix you have set up while connected to a computer will be lost and the digiface Dante works as a channel by channel Dante to Madi converter?

In other words, is it possible to make a mix using totalmix and disconnect the computer and have the mix persist while it is not connected to a computer?