Topic: Sending Audio between daws with ucx

I have ucx and try to use abelton and pro tools at the same time.
Both of them are ucx in the settings.
Abelton sending audio  from kontakt or swam trigger by guitar to pro tools for recording to audio tracks.
I tried using the loopback option and recorded it on pro tools but the loopback made it very messy with track on track.

I ask for your help

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Re: Sending Audio between daws with ucx

Hey :-)
Please write down how your setup is exactly like on which channel are you sending the audio out to total mix software return and on which channel have you tried to achieve looping back the audio. Maybe its best to attach a screenshot at least of the software return row of your total mix setting.
If you havent't done already I'd suggest to select a different audio out pair for Protools than on Ableton.

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