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Topic: Tolalmix routing problem

Hi Guys,

I have problem with Totalmix on my Firefare UCX.
When any sound is playng from computer on any DAW, or just from youtube,
its going to the 1/2 AN software playback but also to the 3 AN software playback simultaneously. (but not to the 4 AN)
Then the 1/2 AN in control room is not balanced and I must set the panorama to the 50R.
In Matrix window there is nothing connected to this AN port, so I dont understand.
Its like the sound signal from computer is divided to the 3 outputs - 1/2 AN stereo but umbalanced + 3AN mono which is part
of this unbalanced signal. I really dont understand. I tried to reinstall all drivers, flash, then reset all settings in totalmix,
but nothing is helping. still the same problem.
The width on AN ports is "1.0" - so normal stereo.
I will be very thank full if someone can help me.

PS: I am using Mac os El capitan


Re: Tolalmix routing problem

Speaker Setup in Audio MIDI Settings?

Matthias Carstens

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Re: Tolalmix routing problem


I can not change/move anything in Audio Midi Settings.

and there is something wrong in 4th input, because there is no number "4"

Re: Tolalmix routing problem

https://imgur.com/yQuAs1v - number 4 input missing in settings..

Re: Tolalmix routing problem

Hi can not check it by myself right now but maybe channel 3 is stereo and therefore the 4 is omitted visually in the menu?

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