Topic: RayDat, no audio input in Cubase

Hi, I've the RayDat now for many years. Worked fine all the time.
But now not any of the inputs in Cubase 9.5 seems not working with ADAT anymore. All the output are still working fine.
The routing in Cubase is clear to me but maybe I miss a checkbox or something.
Al hardware channels in the Totalmix inputs are recieving signal. So it's got to be someting between Totalmix and Cubase.
System is up to tdate.

Any thought?

Thx  Jos

Re: RayDat, no audio input in Cubase


I'm using Cubase 9 and not 9.5 as I mentioned before.
All audio inputs an outputs are working with other applications, even with Cubase 4, 6 and 7.5
Can't figure it out why it isn't working on Cubase 9.

Re: RayDat, no audio input in Cubase


I 've not used Cubase for many years(I 'm using Reaper), so I don't know if I'll be of any help, but
maybe there is an option where you can declare which Inputs and Outputs are to be used by Cubase.
Logically it will be at the ASIO Configuration options

Or maybe something with the Control Room Options, that Cubase uses.

Another thing you could check, is on TotalMix, whether DAW Mode is checked, and uncheck it if you want TM to handle all the routing.

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