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Topic: Can I send EQ settings of Mic to DAW?


I think I read somewhere that this is possible but the guy never explained just how.

I'm using Total Mix with a Baby Face Pro.

I only use one mic for VO recording and all's fine. Problem is,
my voice always requires a quarter turn "roll-off" in the DAW once recorded.
It's a nuance of my baritone voice I'm told that occurs in the low mid area
around 520-560hz. If I don't roll off, it's muddy.

I was hoping that maybe I could indeed do this
GOING IN rather than AFTER the fact via Total Mix?

If so, maybe someone would be so kind as to tell me how
this is achieved? I think the guy I mentioned said something
about looking at driver settings or such but was very vague.

I would need one of those "for dumb guys" kind of explanations if possible.
(i.e. "Ah hey, dumb guy...click here, look for this, click that, then...")  '-)

Many thanks!

May not be possible but thought I'd ask to save some time.

Re: Can I send EQ settings of Mic to DAW?

Yes. Make your EQ settings in TotalMix on the input channel  (top row).

Open your driver settings panel, 1st tab, options section.  Make sure DSP  EQ for Record is ticked.

Manual page 14/15 (Windows), 32 (Mac)

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Re: Can I send EQ settings of Mic to DAW?

Now that's the kinda "talkin' to a dumb guy"
answer I was lookin' for!