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Topic: *SOLVED!* Babyface Pro for giving Skype music lessons

Hi all,

I am trying to give Skype guitar lessons using my RME Babyface Pro.  I would like to have the student hear my guitar input, XLR mic input and system payback.  I have read a few threads/videos on using TotalMix and routing this to a submix with Loopback.  Unfortunately in Mac OS I can only see the option of choosing the entire Babyface Pro as an output rather than e.g. ADAT 3&4 under system settings and Skype audio settings.  From reading it seems that Skype will only take the input from channel 1.  Is there a way for me to achieve this without third party software?

Many thanks in advance any help!

Re: *SOLVED!* Babyface Pro for giving Skype music lessons

Loopback is all you need, no 3rd party apps are required.

You can change the default channels used for Mac OS audio & communications in the Applications > Utilities > Audio/MIDI Setup app.

The rest gets a bit complicated and unique, so the forum is not really good for this. I would suggest calling your local RME distributor if you need further assistance.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: *SOLVED!* Babyface Pro for giving Skype music lessons

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the reply.  I'll investigate the Audio MIDI settings and see what I can find!

Re: *SOLVED!* Babyface Pro for giving Skype music lessons


For any others trying to accomplish this, I didn't realise (or never understood) that activating Loopback on a particular output routes that to the corresponding hardware input.  E.g.  Activating Loopback on my Main Out routes it back to inout channel 1.  I believed that Loopback was not functioning like this on my Main Out, until I never realised that the Main Out level needed to be significantly higher on the Main Out to register as an input on Channel 1.  Too loud in fact to have my studio monitors on so I simply disconnected these and listen though the Phones mix.  Now I have a submix of a microphone on input 2, guitar on input 3, and software playback all mixed to route back to channel 1 for Skype.  Bingo!

Hope this helps somebody else.  The next challenge is figuring out how to disable continual auto input level adjustment in Google Hangouts and Microsoft teams!