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Topic: Spectral Analyser dancing to phantom signal?


My Digicheck software (ver. 4.53 ASIO) seems to be responding to phantom music. When I initially start DCheck it's blank (like it should be with no signal) but after playing something and then stopping DCheck's SA continues responding to some unheard music.

9632 Card, 153.

Any ideas?


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Re: Spectral Analyser dancing to phantom signal?

quicktime clip..
clip shows digicheck loading, total mix loading, sawstudio loading, play an EDL--meters light up as does DigiCheck.
Then I stop play. The meters die but digicheck keeps on bouncing as if music was still playing.
Repeat above.


If I use GlobalRecord to play a WAV file this halts the "Phantom" music behavior until the next time I run SAWStudio. So, something in the SAWStudio settings or how the two programs address ASIO..?

any theories?

Re: Spectral Analyser dancing to phantom signal?

I also have this occasionally. You can actually record what's being played back with Global Record. Usually there's the last 0.3-4secs (roughly) of whatever was playing when you hit the stop button that is being looped. Don't know why and it doesn't really bother me that much. I didn't have it with the 2.94 drivers though. In Sound Forge 9e, if I choose ASIO Hammerfall DSP as audio driver it happens, but when I choose Windows Classic Wave Driver it doesn't. Same thing with Har-Bal 2.3. Cubase SX3 and WinAmp has no problems.

HDSP 9632 (153)
Driver: 3.05.9
DIGIcheck 4.53
XP Pro SP2


Re: Spectral Analyser dancing to phantom signal?

Quite normal. As you are in multiclient mode the hardware continues running when SAW stops. That means the last information received from SAW goes round in the hardware buffer all the time.

To stop this SAW should send 2 buffers filled with zeros before stopping its ASIO (several programs do this) or not stop ASIO at all (several others do this).

Matthias Carstens