Topic: Raydat: Looking for midi patch options

This may sound like a dumb question, but do you guys use a patchbay or thru-box or something to manage midi connection to Raydat card?  I don't record a lot of midi (I mostly record acoustic instruments and vocals), but when I do, I have to crawl under my desk and find the pigtail connector behind my computer to plug a midi cable in.

My old Delta 1010 had the midi connecters right in my rack, on the front of the breakout box.  Is there a rackmount patch-box of some kind I can just leave connected and mounted or placed in a convenient place when not in use?  A simple female-to-female 5-pin connector would serve as well, I suppose, but doesn't look very professional.  What do the rest of you guys do?


Re: Raydat: Looking for midi patch options

In terms of straight patch bays (eg dumb) you've got kit like the Signex CPM22M, or an old MTR PM-21.

But tbh for not alot more you can get a rackable midi interface like the ESI M8U eX or a MOTU microlite. Or even smaller usb units which can be mounted on rack trays. That would give you accessable front midi ports.

Not rocket science to make a DIY job: 1U blank rack panel + 1x 5pole surface mount DIN socket.

The cheapest option would to leave a long midi cable plugged in permantley, and just tuck it conveniently out the way until needed.