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I wanted to ask what might turn out to be a dumb question, my apologies if so!

In my band rehearsal studio, we are using UFXII, Octamic and TMFX for monitoring and occasional DAW recording using Studio One, on a powerful Win10 PC. We are a 5 piece rock band, medium loud.
We recently switched to wireless in-ears and are able to create 4 stereo headphones mixes using the 4 phones outputs on UFXII and Octamic. It`s great the detail we are now hearing using stereo ear buds and full control over 4 separate submixes, almost one for each player. Much better than the active floor wedges we have been using til now.

But here`s the problem:

We don't have a sound engineer (!) at our rehearsal studio, so we are all too busy playing instruments or singing to properly create a decent headphone mix. So I want to somehow tweak eq and compress each input in TM FX in order to create really polished headphone mixes. Ideally I want to do this alone, not at rehearsal, to really get the mix right in my own time. 

But I can`t do that easily in TM FX, right? Because the inputs are only active when they are being used, i.e. when the band are playing. Of course I could record the band into Studio One and play this back in the DAW, but then my TMFX "inputs" are on the 2nd "software" row, so I can`t make a TM template that would be usable at our next rehearsal.

Have I overlooked a simple answer to this one?

Thanks for your inputs!


Re: Creating in-ear monitor mixes in TotalMix

Plug a cable from the hardware output into the hardware input to have the DAW signal on the TM FX input.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Creating in-ear monitor mixes in TotalMix

Brilliantly easy solution! Many thanks...

Re: Creating in-ear monitor mixes in TotalMix

Ok I went ahead and tried this last night alone at the rehearsal studio.
Really not sure if I did this the easiest way, Im sorry to write, and so this noobie is now confused...

First made sure that all plugins are switched off in Studio One. Played back a representative band recording from the DAW.
Starting with the kick drum single mono microphone, I created a DAW return software playback track for the kick alone (we normally hide unused DAW returns in the middle row).
This track was fed into an unused output on the UFXII, adding a TS cable from this output going into input 1 of the UFXII, which is normally the kick input.
Now for me the tricky part. How to monitor the mix without hearing the kick twice?
Using the main stereo outputs as my monitor mix, I got the feeling that I was still hearing the unaffected kick from the DAW mix in software playback, as well as the mono input kick "re-amped", which I was able to shape as I had hoped. Turning down the volume of the kick in the DAW removed both from the mix.

I re-read relevant chapters in the manual before posting this, but thought it best to ask again, as Im confusing myself unnecessarily!!!
Thanks in advance