Topic: AMD Ryzen X570 chipset problems

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New member here. I read there are a lot of problems/compatibility issues with the new AMD X570 chipset.
This is not something RME or other companies can really do something about. As far as I have read several forums like Geraslutz and motherboard manufacturers this is a compatibility problem with the Agesa drivers from AMD.

I have an Asus Prime x570-P board which didn't boot after I built it. After finally removing my Firewire PCI-E card the system booted. That's how my search started and I came across a lot of other people having issues not only with Firewire cards but soundcards in general.

So now I'm also wondering if the RME HDSPe AIO PCI-E is working for others in a motherboard with X570 chipset.

I have read that Gigabyte released a beta bios which solved a lot of problems on some boards but Asus is just pointing at AMD as far as I can see.

Hope people can chime in and tell what works in their motherboard with x570 chipset.

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Re: AMD Ryzen X570 chipset problems

So for those running into similar problems I found out that in most recent BIOS AMD turned on(as default) a 10-bit Tag Field, which is only available on PCI-e Gen4 devices. So your BIOS get stuck on startup if inserted a non-Gen4 card like my firewire card

So you need to find that feature in your BIOS and turn it off and set the PCI compatibility on Gen3 for the slot your card is in.

Hope this helps others running in to similar troubles.