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I'm using the Fireface UCX (AES/EBU out) in conjunction with the Genelecs 8351.
For volume-control I'm using the GLM Software from Genelec.

I was wondering what is the best way to control the volume. I have fear of lowering the Sound Quality.
I want the best sound coming out of my speakers.

At the moment I have TotalMixFx Main-Out on -24 db.
GLM is on -20 db.

What is the correct way? Having low volume on TotalMix and increase the volume in GLM or the other way?
Does it even matter?

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I'm using this combination with an UFXII. Totalmix at unity gain and GLM set to match a calibration playback level. works fine for more than 2 years now.

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With unity gain you mean 0 db?
When I do that in TotalFX I have to lower the volume in winamp to 10 %.
Otherwise, you would have to set to -50 db in GLM.

Is that what you are doing?

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Re: TotalMix and Genelec GLM

With unity gain you mean 0 db?


My UFXII outputs are set to +4. In Totalmix the main monitor output is set to 0 and in GLM the main output fader is set to -22dB to comply to R128 recommended listening levels.

GLM calculated some gain compensation between speakers -4 to -5 dB

All my software outputlevels are also set to 0dB in TotalMix.

In my studio I'm using a 5.1 setup with 8340 monitors. As your monitors are a bit bigger maybe you have to lower the output gain in GLM a bit more. My consideration when setting up was to only apply gain reduction at the last stage. Also to prevent  the monitors to be extreme loud in case of a computercrash

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Re: TotalMix and Genelec GLM

Ok, I see. My GLM only calculated a gain compensation on the left speaker -0.6 db.
My Software-output in TotalMix is set to 0 db aswell.

It's just that sometimes im not sure, if I should lower the Output from the source (for example winamp) and increase the glm output or the other way.

At the moment, my settings look like this:

It sounds fantastic of course. I'm just a perfectionist and want to know whats the best setting looks like. big_smile

As you said, we dont want to get the monitors too loud, but with unity gain and outputlevels set to 0 db in TotalMix, we have to pay attention.

I muted all my window Sounds and set a GLM maximum Level. I hope that when the DAW crashes, this maximum levels wont go away.

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I also use GLM with 2 8341 and 2 7650 and an UFXII, and I just use the AES output of the UFXII directly into the speakers. With that, I don't have any unnecessary DA/AD conversion and don't need to think about levels. For volume adjustment I use the GLM knob. All very convenient :-)

Re: TotalMix and Genelec GLM

This might help:
Mind that lowering volume in Totalmix does not affect "sound quality".

Daniel Fuchs