Topic: TotalMix mic gain not working on BabyFace


Apologies if this has been reported previously. RME folks, this looks like a bug.

Adjusting mic gain in TotalMix has no effect on the BabyFace mic gain. However when adjusting the mic gain using the BabyFace dial, the mic gain does change (as evident on the meters) and the mic gain in TotalMix updates and follows the dial setting.

Driver: v3.18
Firmware: v225
TotalMix: 1.64 mac os x (1)
macOS: 10.15.4 on macBook Pro 15" 2019



Re: TotalMix mic gain not working on BabyFace

Same setup, drivers and firmware and works. Quite obvious, as this is a very popular product so it would have been reported earlier.

You might have a communication problem between driver and TM FX, but that would not only affect the mic gain setting, but several things that can't be controlled from TotalMix. Please check.

Or you have a problem with the macOS sound settings, which also control the mic gain. Any software running that tries to set the gain, like Skype? Audio MIDI Setup, Audio Devices, select Babyface, then tab Input, move the sliders. Should work and run in sync with TM FX and the unit.

Matthias Carstens