Topic: I just bought the babyface pro

I have the original babyface and just pulled the trigger on a pro. I’m not sure I made the right choice given my original was working perfectly fine (but I didn’t have it with me so I bought this..).

Now this is going to be used with MacBook Pro running Catalina. Any issues or workarounds I should be aware of? Can I just use a standard Apple USB-C dongle? How about a USB hub?

Re: I just bought the babyface pro


I don't want to sound disrespectful but maybe you should have thought about it before buying it.
Anyway Rme is amazing for driver development and I'm sure there is a solution.
I can't help you more in detail because I use Windows, I hope you will work it out.

Kind regards

Re: I just bought the babyface pro

You’re right I should have thought about it more. It’s more of an impulse buy if I’m completely honest.

But given RMEs solid reputation and my own experience with them I didn’t hesitate. If there’s a sound card manufacturer I trust it would have to be RME.

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Re: I just bought the babyface pro


Check this video from this thread, regarding driver installation on Catalina:

I don't know about the cable or the hub, though. You 'll have to wait for someone else to answer that, as I 'm on PC and don't have experience with Macs !

Impulse is good!
In RME we trust!! smile