Topic: No answer from support

Hello !
Im not sure if my issue is in this area. If im wrong please tell me where isnthe right place for thos topic.

Im have to re install my driver for rme fireface uc. Before everytime i plug usb firefaxe the totalmix software open automatically. Since the re instalation Totalmix does not open anymore.

So ive contact the support to understand whats is happening.

The support person asked me a lot of technical details. Im not an expert on rme soundcard. So ive asked to him help me and drive me to find everthong he need.
After sending all the technical details. The support never answer anymore. Last contact ot was friday.

Any moderator cam advice me what to do please ?



Re: No answer from support

You might have double-clicked the encoder so the unit now is in AP (Apple) mode (or the other way round). See manual, Windows driver installation.

Matthias Carstens