Topic: RME MUltiface II and Fireface 802

Hi!  Long time RME user (15 years)  I have an old original Multface 2 with the PCI card not the express but the PCI.  I have a fireface 802 I picked up a few years ago.  I am out of inputs on the fireface!  Is it possible to run the multiface 2 alongside the fireface for the additional inputs?  I will use ADAT if neccesary, but would definitely prefer the analogue inputs of the Multiface.

I don't have a pci capable computer anymore... only a pci express now so is there any way I can run the multiface 2 and use it's inputs also?  as far as I know the multiface 2 is using the firmware and drivers as of december 2017 and the fireface is running current drivers.

thanks guys!

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Re: RME MUltiface II and Fireface 802

No, it needs to boot connected at boot. Once it is running it can do without but needs to stay powered. Once off it need to boot with a PC again. But you could use an old PC with a PCI  slot for it. If to much trouble and it needs to be cheap, get a Behringer ADA8200 (or something like it). Or see if you have a spare PCIe slot and get a PCIe to PCI adapter. Configure the multiface  and leave it powered on afterwards.

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Re: RME MUltiface II and Fireface 802

Thank you for the reply, that helps me greatly.  I am heading towards the Audient asp800 I think in that case.  Thanks!