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Topic: Dante products

Hi there - I am a long time fan and user of RME products.

I would love to see more RME products with a Dante interface.

Currently I believe there is only the Digiface Dante - which I own and love!

I work in the broadcast industry in the UK and currently the most widely used multi channel digital audio protocols are Madi and Dante - with other AES67 implementations following close behind.
I realise standards are constantly evolving, however I believe that Madi and some form of AES67 implementation will be around for the foreseeable future.
Converting between these two formats along with the addition of analog signals is something that plays a large part in any large broadcast facility.

On a smaller scale I do jobs with my own equipment that also benefit from integrating Madi, Dante and analog signals.

Having an RME product that would incorporate Madi, Dante and analog would be fantastic for me - and I believe many other people.
I was initially very excited when I saw the AVB Tool and the 12Mic announced - a lovely combination of Madi, microphone pre-amps and network audio.
Unfortunately the network audio protocol chosen was AVB not Dante/AES67
A Dante version of these two devices would fit very nicely into many peoples workflow.

Alternatively adding Dante to an RME interface that also had Madi and pre-amps would potentially be even better.
A Fireface UFX with Dante would be ideal.

I don't want to get into an argument/discussion about the merits of AVB versus Dante/AES67, but for me personally - and for the industry I work in AVB is not used at all whereas Dante/AES67 is widespread.

RME have seemingly chosen AVB as their networked audio protocol of choice, and I'm sure that works for them and some of their customer base.
However I strongly believe that there is an even larger market that could make use of devices with Dante/AES67 rather than AVB.
Whether this decision has been made due to the costs of Audinate's products or the unwillingness to use another company's technology I do not know.

I'm sure RME could carry on with their existing line up of products, but add some more Dante equipped devices as well - they have dipped their toe in the water with the Digiface Dante and this works perfectly so the creation of some new converters and interfaces with Dante/AES67 should not be too difficult to implement.

Anyway that's enough of my ranting !

I would be nice to know if there is any interest in some more Dante/AES67 products from users or RME.

Many thanks and stay safe.


Re: Dante products

Woo hoo !
100 views and not one comment ............

I can only assume that there is not much love out there for Dante/AES67 devices.

I must admit I am genuinely surprised by this as I expected some support for the idea.

I still love all the RME devices I have had over the years, and the ones I still have now, but I genuinely think that RME are missing a large part of the market here.
In my work and the industry I work in AVB is not even a consideration, whereas the use of Dante/AES67 is widespread and growing.
Obviously it's not my place to decide for RME which network audio protocol they should be using, but.......... please make some more Dante/AES67 products (especially the 12 mic !! )

That's it for me - keep well.


Re: Dante products

Not too many here into networked audio, yet.

I'm interested, but since our budget has been eradicated, it'll have to wait.

I lean to the AVB side. After all, it's been included into the Macos for ages, hasn't it? But then Apple obsoletes ethernet ports. And the USB-C to ethernet adapter doesn't inspire too much confidence. It's simply not a real port. Linux is getting there, slowly. MS? Dunno. Don't care.

When I look at what the AVB consortium is doing, I get mildly confused. Admittedly, their task is harder, as they are incorporating video. But it seems there's no plan, no boss and everybody's playing their own song.

Audinate, OTOH, isn't confusing. They scored badly in my book, for wanting 9.000 € just to get to the docs. Not something I'll forget easily. Their products seem to work well, for limited* setups without video.

It's not what we're interested in, unfortunately. We need video. We need inter-brand operability. We don't need to send 64 channels of audio to one destination. We've got ADAT/MADI for that. We do need to send a few channels of AV to one destination and a few channels to another destination. And that's something Dante seems unable to do, in practice. I don't know why, exactly, as we're not rich (or crazy?) enough to pay 9.000€ just to get to the docs.

But we're patient. Some day, someone will solve the puzzle.

* Local dedicated network only.

MB Pro - 2 X FireFace 400, FF800 & DigiFace USB
ADAT gear: Korg, Behri, Fostex, Alesis...

Re: Dante products

No sign of any change of heart from RME in the last couple of years then?
AVB seems as confusing and muddled as ever with zero traction in the broadcast sector - I know there are other sectors !
I understand their reasoning for trying to push AVB as their network solution and I wish them luck.
It would still be great however if they were to offer some alternatives using Dante as a network solution.
Dante is the predominant leader in most audio sectors for networked audio (+AES67) and I'm sure there would be a host of willing customers if they were to include a number of Dante options in their product line up.
Keep well


Re: Dante products

There are some more Dante products in the works. But then came the chip crisis, and Audinate does not ship Brooklyn modules anymore (no FPGAs...hmmm, where did I see that before...oh, RME...), so everything is delayed and slowed down...

Matthias Carstens

Re: Dante products

Hi MC - thanks for the reply.
Totally understand about the shortage of Dante, and other, chips - I was expecting delivery of a Dante enabled piece of equipment last October - it was delayed until January and have now just been told it will be further delayed until November !!
The world has indeed gone mad - hopefully it will sort itself out........
However great news that you do actually have some more Dante products in the works - I am sure they will be very popular.
Perhaps at a later date you will be willing to share what  products you have in mind...........?

Keep up the good work