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Topic: Digicheck for High DPI monitors

Hi guys,

4k is here and has been for a wee while now, Digi check is getting harder and harder to use as such native high DPI resolutions. I was very surprised when I installed it after 10 years off music and it literally is the same interface with 2005 features. I'm over 40 now and the eye sight isnt what it use to be. Also using windows scaling causes issues as is a buggy work around.

A lot of the DAW and plug-in world has now started to move over, when will we see Digicheck given the same treatment?

Its a must have piece of software for real time monitoring of the bus when sound designing and metering for mastering.


Re: Digicheck for High DPI monitors

I run DC on a 4k display at 150% and see no problems. You have some specific examples?

Matthias Carstens