Topic: ADI-8 QS and Lynx AES16e troubleshooting

I am trying to connect an ADI-8 QS to a Lynx AES16e card.  The converter’s D-Sub is Tascam pinout and the Lynx is Yamaha pinout.  So, I got this nifty Tascam to Yamaha crossover cable. … dapter.htm

Unfortunately, the converter’s AES digital input lights just blink, indicating no digital signal present.  The computer shows the AES16e is outputting signal so I cannot figure out why the converter does not recognize it.

Any idea what may be causing this problem?

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions you may have.


Re: ADI-8 QS and Lynx AES16e troubleshooting

> Each end is clearly marked with shrink-wrap for easy identification

If you used the cable the right way (according to the labels, and not plugged it into analog ports) then its pinout is wrong.

Maybe just the labels are wrong - then try it the other way round...

Matthias Carstens