Topic: Madi Desync - Ferrofish A16 mkII and RME HDSPe MADI FX card

Hey everyone. I've been back and forth with customer service for both companies for months now.
I just want to get the forums opinion before i ship out my equipment for diagnostics and repairs.
I've tested all configurations, card as slave, converter as slave, bnc clock, madi clock, everything. I've boughten new BNC and MADI cables, all give me the same results.
Upon startup the a16 will take a minute to report signal, and then takes awhile to confirm lock status with the HDSPe card. At that point it becomes random when it will be locked or not, it can be completely stable or not at random.
I've tried to find other equipment to test with but the lockdown has made this exceptionally hard, i cant even find another computer to test my setup in atm.
What i have done though is connected madi1 port to madi2 port of hte HDSPe, as a loopback to test its signal. The entire time i saw no desyncs, and it was instantly locking at all clock speeds with eachother as the source.
This leads me to think it is infact the a16 causing the issue. I just want to know what the forum thinks and if they have any last minute trouble shooting ideas before i ship things out. Thank you