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Topic: HDSP and HDSPm - Amixer Precise Pointer


The HDSP and HDSPm Drivers in Linux allow for an amix setting  Precise Pointer on/off

What exacly is the use and/or the benefit of this Precise Pointer? After searching the internet, I understand that Precise Pointer relates to the readout/calculation of the actual buffer pointer where DMA reads/writes. The setting controls wheter an interrupt or a hardware pointer is used for this pointer calculation. So
Precise Pointer on -->> HW pointer used
Precise Pointer off -->> SW interrupt used

Unfortunately the text in
https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/v4.18/s … hdspm.html
is prone to misunderstandings.

So can anyone here make things a little bit more clear and/or precise? Many thanks in advance!