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Hey There,

this might be a stupid question, but I haven't found something trough search and manual:

Is ist possible to set custom labels for several digicheck windows?  i.e. like VU meters to label "main" or "monitor"...
(like the names assign function in totalmix)

If there are several digicheck windows open, its sometimes a bit confusing.

Thanks, U.

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Not One reply? .... Not even a Hint...


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There are no custom labels, sorry.

Matthias Carstens

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...Ok thanks.
Is something like this planned?
I helped myself out with custom background image..  But in a otherwise such well engineered software, this might be a nice topping smile

Thanks. KCler

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Well... the UX of digicheck could need some improvement for sure. Window docking, border-less windows for saving space etc.

I mean it works like nobody's business, it's very well made technically, as is everything RME does. It could just have some "spit and polish" smile

Re: DigiCheck Windows - Custom Labels

Just wanted to bump this request for digicheck input labelling.
Running a UFX+ here with a 16 channel convertor running over MADI and another 8 mic pres coming in over ADAT.

The default input numbering for use cases like this is particularly limiting and more than a little confusing.  Please consider adding the ability for custom labelling on the multichannel level meter at least.

thank you for considering!