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Topic: RME Fireface UFX+ and Digico SD8 MADA

My question may be very simple but I am a beginner of MADI system
My church is using Digico SD8 console(which MADI port using BNC coaxial only ,not optical MADI I/O) https://i.ibb.co/X8FWwFL/F4-EC3-C7-C-BBCF-4-D24-BC1-A-AC3922-B5-A245.jpg
Now I plan to have a multitrack recording to my Mac(DAW) during the live
Initially I wanna order a UB MADI,however  it is not easy to get and not worth to buy it.Then I do the research,RME MADIface could replace UB MADI.
Therefore my question is ,if I buy RME Fireface UFX+ Switch the MADI became BNC coaxial to match with the Digico SD8 Coaxial BNC MADI I/O
In addition the reason I wanna buy UFX+ instead of MADIFACE coz "buy one item to resolve one problem(the compensation of UB MADI)" not the match with economic goal.
If I buy for ultimate use UFX+ for MADI(when live use it for multitrack recording,when recording a new song /demos use it as interface........etc for multi purposes......
My components would be including Digico SD8 console + 2 BNC coaxial cables for MADI + RME Fireface UFX+And a DAW
then I could do a live multitrack recording? Sorry for my dummy question but I hope the I can get a confirmed

Re: RME Fireface UFX+ and Digico SD8 MADA

Yes, I do this with SD8 too.
And you only need one BNC coaxial cable for recording SD8''s audio.
Use Copy Audio in SD8 to routing audio to SD8's MADI out.
And remember to set the MADI format(I use MADI 64) on SD8's Audio I/O.