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Topic: DigiCheck NG Surround Input Select setup help.


Fortunately, both old DigiCheck and DigiCheck NG work fine on my mac mini Mojave OSX (UFX version 1).
My main out is on Analog 5/6 so I loopback-ed it and it reads everything fine smile

Amazing analyzer and it is also free for RME users wow!

but just one question I have here about setting,

I normally would like to check my LUFS meter for my loudness and peaks of projects, but I am lost on which channel
I have to set for:
- Center
- Low Freq. Effect
- Surround Left
- Surround Right

Since I am not familiar with surround input setting...

So I am just worried that my meter reading may be faulty since I only set LEFT and RIGHT correctly (Analog 5, Analog 6)
and the rest on Analog 2 by default.

Is there any tips for setting this right?!

For all types that require only LEFT and RIGHT channel, working flawlessly.
It seems LUFS meter does not support 2 channel option...? am I correct or misled?

Thanks in advance.

One extra question: Unlike DigiCheck old version, the new NG version seems, it gets affected by master volume fader, is it normal? if I turn up volume the analyzer shows a bigger meter movement, how do I set it unaffected...?


Re: DigiCheck NG Surround Input Select setup help.

1. Right click - Input - disable all (surround) channels. That easy.

2. Loop back a channel that is not controlled from the Mac volume setting...

Matthias Carstens

Re: DigiCheck NG Surround Input Select setup help.

Thank you, sir.
I realized I simply could just disable (deactivate) ones I do not use.

Will there be an official release of DigiCheck NG as a freeware or paid product in the future?


Re: DigiCheck NG Surround Input Select setup help.

DigiCheck will always be free for RME users. We will release a first official version not before the next run of pre-versions with more features. Just wait. Good things need some time...

Matthias Carstens