Topic: R128 Loudness Meter Settings tips

Hello, recently I have installed DigiCheck old and the preview version of NG and it is simply amazing.
Now I can Gain-Stage so easily by monitoring the meter in real time (*I put it on my ipad through Splashtop app).

One thing I am unsettled about is (sorry if I sound unprofessional),
Program Integrated value. Maybe I should change the setting and I would like to ask for suggestions/guideline.

I usually do pop music.
At the moment, my loudness range of demo track I am working on, is shown to be 6.7 LU (which seems good for me).
But does this 'Program Integrated' refert to LUFS...?
or do I need to change some settings on R128 Loudness Meter options?

Thank you.

P.S: also, may I ask what R128 mean here?
*sorry if my question sounds unprofessional, I am no professional audio engineer.


Re: R128 Loudness Meter Settings tips

No clue why no one reads the included's all in there...

Matthias Carstens

Re: R128 Loudness Meter Settings tips

Yes, some do - e.g. me. But even reading the help again and again does not get me into a position to know whether I am below the -14 LUFS for youtube. I just don't get it. How do the meters' LU correspond to LUFS? I am sure it is simple but it just does not make click in my head.

E.g. I read on several websites and documents that -23 LUFS is an EBU target level. But how is this related to the EBU meter in Digicheck and how does it effect the scales (thanks ADAT user for mentioning that it is the internal base in Digicheck).
So, I have a -23 LUFS and a -9 or -18 meter setting and as a result I get a meter reading. But what does reading tell me?

I am frustrated at the moment. Digicheck is such a great tool and I am to stupid to understand it (and that even though I understood how the routing in TotalMix works).

Re: R128 Loudness Meter Settings tips

Thanks and I answered in the other thread as well.