Topic: RME Fireface UC does not work with Catalina on MacBook Pro (mid2015)

Hi there,

I upgraded my MacBook Pro (mid 2015) to Catalina (10.15.7). Unfortunately the RME Fireface UC that I recently bought from a friend does not work on my computer. It ran without problem on my friend's earlier OS (Sierra) and I tested with other computers, it works fine.
I used the updated RME driver for Mac (driver usb Mac 3.19) and I "allowed it" under Security&Privacy. When I check the Sound settings under System Preferences it gets really slow. In the Sound Input section I can see Fireface under the built-in mic, but when I click on it my computer gets frozen.
The Host led light on the hardware is not red, so it recognised the interface (on my Mac Mini 2012 with the updated OP Catalina does not even recognise). As soon as I disconnect the USB cable the Fireface Input disappears and all my computer works fine.
It has the same problem with Reaper (newly updated version v6.15), all the program gets blocked.
I was looking for similar problems but could not find any

Anybody has a similar experience?

I have also problems with Totalmix on Catalina, but I am still checking other forums if there is a solution there.