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Topic: Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module, I/O board with PCIe 1x (Multiface?)

I'm an original Multiface 1 owner (initially PCMCIA but now using with PCIe card). Seeing as the Pi 4 compute module foregoes USB3 in favour of exposing the PCIe bus I was wondering if the I/O board might be something that will accept the HDSPe card?

https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/co … rType=home

I know there have been open-source efforts in the past to support old RME gear in linux but I fear this may just be intel and not arm? Assuming the PCIe hardware and firmware side of things were compliant, would there be any chance of this working?

What I would love to do is put together an affordable, portable audio/midi recording rig that I can capture performances (midi mainly using a backing audio track) and then transfer them back to my main (non-portable) rig for editing, probably using Reaper. An x86 SBC withe PCIe would probably be a better choice but the aim here is to spend as little as possible.

Re: Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module, I/O board with PCIe 1x (Multiface?)


I am also very interested in the same project! I will recieve an RME digiface HDSP with PCIe interface.

Did you try the setup?