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Hello, I'm the new happy owner of this amazing product and wanted to get my DAC's fw updated to the latest version. Spent some time reading forum and so, but wasn't able to figure out whether there is any possibility to perform this action from Linux OS as I don't have access to any Windows, nor Mac machine.

Thanks for the response and I apologize in case this has been already discussed somewhere on the forum.


Re: ADI DAC fw update from Linux

If you're a new owner isn't the latest firmware already on the unit? And no, you need Mac or Windows.

Matthias Carstens

Re: ADI DAC fw update from Linux

I do have v34, so I believe, it's actually the latest one. Thanks for your answer (even though not very optimistic), it may help other Linux users, as well.

Re: ADI DAC fw update from Linux


It would be great to at least be able to do a firmware update via Linux. That does not have to be a tool with UI, but can be a command line tool.

Since MacOS is Unix compliant, the Mac version could be a good starting point?

Regards, Bert

Re: ADI DAC fw update from Linux


just received my adi-2 dac / amp as-well

I am a Linux user smile

there is this project , it can also be used for  USB devices, a few big vendors supports it (like Dell )

I dunno if it is feasible. But i think this would be the best approach if it is.