Topic: Setup advise for Linux and Mac Combination

Not an Audio expert here, trying to work with TotalMix program with my MacMini which is the middle-man between my preamps and soundcard (4x Octamic and UFX+) and the Linux PC.
My idea is to be able to control the TotalMix by MacMini (since RME doesn't support TotalMix on Linux) and have the audio output in the Linux to be recorded. Is this feasible? Without adding an additional soundcard? What's the best tweak to have such a setup? Please share your thoughts.

Re: Setup advise for Linux and Mac Combination

I think this can't work this way as you need the USB connection to the UFX+ already to control the UFX+.

I am not 100% sure, but maybe it could work via MADI.
You could connect the Linux box to the MADI ring via RME USB interface which supports CC mode.
CC mode is required, sp that Linux can access the device without a RME asio driver.

1st I thought about the MADIface Pro, but if I read the manual correctly, then it supports in CC mode only 24 channels, see chapter 30.2

@RME: did I read this correctly ? Does CC mode only support 24 channels i/o ?
I also saw this note for the UFX+, so it would also not help to swap the interfaces.
PC + Madiface Pro (to operate the devices) and Linux Box and UFX+ in CC mode...

This document talks about an 18 channel CC mode for the UCX ... … c_mode.php

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