Topic: Pinouts for expansion cards

I'm trying to build on a very restricted budget using 2nd user kit, so I know this is a bit of a cheeky question...
I've managed to acquire a digi 9636 but also an expansion card for an hdsp9652 with word clock and extra ADAT.
obviously the two are not designed to work together and I appreciate that there's no midi on the 9636, but it's really only the extra ADAT I'm interested in.

There's 10 pins on the 9636 connector for it's expansion cards and 14 on the hdsp9652 expansion card.

I'm wondering if I can use them together with a custom cable, but can't find any pinout information for these connectors.

Does anyone have pin info for these out know if this has been done?

Appreciate that Windows has no w10/64 but drivers, but it's running very nicely on Ubuntu studio 20.04


Re: Pinouts for expansion cards

Will not work. You need the 9652 EPROM. And maybe also a different main PCB...can't remember exactly, and won't look it up, sorry.

Matthias Carstens