Topic: USB Cable Supplied with RME ADI-2

The USB cable supplied with the RME ADI-2 seems to be a basic USB cable.  Is it worth upgrading to a better cable?  Thanks for your help.


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Re: USB Cable Supplied with RME ADI-2

Nothing more is needed. Audiophile digital cables are snakeoil.
But I also wouldn't buy the cheapest to have (hopefully) a solid cable with solid connectors.
My personal preference is Lindy. They offer IMHO good quality to an acceptable price.
They usually offer different qualities of cables in terms of shielding, esp. for USB3.
USB2 is not that critical.
I wouldn't spend more than €20 for a 5m USB2 cable and around €30 for an 3m USB3 cable (to get one with 2-3 shields).

The ADI-2 Pros ASIO driver will show you then, that the digital transmission has no CRC errors.
And the ADI-2 Pro's Bittest will show you / test "end to end" from Windows/Apple Audio Player to the ADI-2 Pro that the transmission was "bit perfect". Thats all you need, bit perfect transmission of audio data.

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Re: USB Cable Supplied with RME ADI-2

As high-end audio retailer, 100% consent.
As already recommended by ramses, look for solid connectors.
I have also had good experiences with Lindy.

But the included cable is perfectly suitable, stay with it unless it is too short.

Warm regards,
Bernhard Rother

Re: USB Cable Supplied with RME ADI-2

Thank you for your comments regarding the USB cable that comes with the RME dac.  I had assumed that the cable would be a good cable since the engineers seemed to take so much pride in the RME dac.

Thanks again for your help.