Topic: Effects (Equalizer, Dynamic, Reverb)

with Totalmix FX on my Fireface UCX I have access to different effects :
- Equalizer
- Dynamic (Compressor, Expander and Auto Level)
- Reverb and Delay (Echo)

Now let us consider Network based audio (AVB, Dante):
the Digiface serie also runs with Totalmix FX, but "The Digiface Series does not support DSP based effects (FX) like EQ or reverb."
Question 1) the only effect availlable on a Digiface interface is Dynamic, right?

If I want to mix a live session with 4 singers, adding compression, equalization and a bit of reverb on each microphone channel,
and knowing that 12Mic does not integrate an effect processor:
Question 2) how to integrate effects in the network, preferably without a computer?


Re: Effects (Equalizer, Dynamic, Reverb)

AFAIK no fx at all on digifaces (So no dynamics either)
How would you mix with a digiface without computer to run tmfx?
For that job you need a mixer with eq dynamics and reverb lol.
Yes your UCX could do the job, but it is only a semi logical choice if you need to record the performance to your computer.

Vincent, Amsterdam
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