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RME 12mic is mastered at 176KHz with internal sync.The MADI optical signal is input to the MOTU M64, which slaves to the MADI optical signal.In the RME remote screen

12MIc 176K master
The RME remote screen shows 12MIc 176K master and MADI sync 44.1K.

When the sampling rate is 88.2K
12MIc 88.2K master
MADI sync 88.2

When the sampling rate is 88.2K, it's 12MIc 88.2K master

Why does it become 44.1 when the rate is 4X?

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Re: samplingrate of 12mic

MADI has a native format for double speed (96k frame) which can be detected at the receiver. For quad speed, sample multiplexing is used which is always detected as single speed.
See … ut/#220-2C

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Re: samplingrate of 12mic


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