Topic: AVB Network "State"

Apologies for the flurry of posts today, but all this new technology presents so many questions.

I have been doing some fail-tests of the system to see what happens when something goes wrong - like people pulling power to the stage racks or disconnecting Cat5e cables, and then seeing how the systems comes back online.

This has led me to wonder where the "state" of a connected system resides? Is this the "controller" entity? Are patches dependant on names like Dante is, or is it based on MAC addresses?

Best regards, Tony.

AVB System:
MacBook Pro - 2020 16" || Big Sur 11.0.1 || Apple USB-C - USB-A Dongle
RME DigiFace AVB: fw v219, d v3.19 || RME AVB Controller: 0.9541 (15) || 2 x 12Mic Units v1.3.0.(69)
Presonus SW5E AVB Switch || Cordial 50m Cat5e Reel || Cordial short Cat5e Patch cables

Re: AVB Network "State"

Each device keeps its own state. When the device acts as a listener, it tries to re-establish the stream from the talker when interrupted. A separate controller (even if it was used to set up the streams initially) does not need to be active or interfere in the process of reconnecting the two entities. Patches do not depend on names, they are indeed based on MAC addresses.

Re: AVB Network "State"

Thanks Max, that is a great help. I shall look for some more literature to help my understanding of the architecture.

On the point of the Controller not needing to be present, I am finding that my network routes are disabled when I close the RME Controller app - I have posted this in another thread.

Cheers, Tony.