Topic: Sample Rate Switching Behaviour

I have a setup using Madiface USB as Mac interface connected to ADI-648. Also connected to ADI-648 is ADI-2 Pro FS B via Adat1, other Adat 500 series racks and also an original UFX connected only via Adat.

I use the ADI-2 Pro as master clock since it's the best clock amongst the gear. It all works stable and great except for an issue when switching between 1 times/ 2 times/ 4 times sample rates. The UFX taking it's clock from AES input from ADI-2 Pro switches no problem.The ADI-648 takes it clock from Adat in from ADI-2 Pro and also switches no problem.

The issue is with the Madiface USB which currently takes it's clock from Madi Optical from ADI-648. Madiface USB will not auto switch between 1 times/ 2 times/ 4 times sample rates. If I manually configure Madiface USB to be in 1 times, 2 times or 4 times rates and then switch within those rates - say from 88.2 to 96 then Madiface USB does auto switch.

Is this expected behaviour?

If it is expected behaviour would Maidface USB auto switch across all sample rates if I ran a BNC Word Clock cable from UFX out to Maidface USB in or from ADI-648 out to Madiface USB in?

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Paul Najar
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Re: Sample Rate Switching Behaviour

So I think I've figured this out now.

When Madiface USB is receiving clock via MADI optical (fed from ADI-648) it won't switch between 1 times (44.1 48K), 2 times (88.2, 96K) & 4 times sample rates

When UFX is receiving clock from adat ( fed from ADI-648) it has the same non switching behaviour.

In this configuration I have to manually switch sample rates in Fireface settings and engage/ disengage 96K frame on ADI-648.

If I have UFX receiving clock via AES it switches sample rates automatically from 44.1 - 192Khz

If I pass word clock cable from UFX out to Madiface USB BNC in then Madiface USB switches automatically from 44.1 - 192Khz

In this configuration ADI-648 can stay always with 96K Frame set to on.

This setup is ideal as all I do to switch to any sample rate is change the rate on ADI-2. It took some head scratching but I got there.

Paul Najar
Jaminajar Music Production