Topic: ADI-642 Clock State QS

I have a DA converter that supports 176.4 kHz on dual AES input it has. I wanted to know/understand if that means that by pressing the QS in Clock State on ADI-642, I can utilize dual AES on my DA converter (dCS Debussy)? If yes, in this mode I noticed that channel count reduces to 16 so, how do I do the mapping?


Re: ADI-642 Clock State QS

From the manual:

The ADI-642 supports single wire only, in the range of 32 kHz up to 192 kHz: a total of  8 channels, 2 channels per AES wire. The effective sample frequency equals the clock on the AES wire. In case a conversion from/to Single, Double and Quad Wire is required, the ADI-192 DD, an 8-channel universal sample rate and format converter, is highly recommended.

Matthias Carstens