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Topic: AIO Pro - PC system noise on headphones

I have an AIO Pro and balanced breakout cable, into which monitors and headphones are plugged into their respective sockets (XLR for monitors 6.32mm jack for headphones).

I'm hearing buzzes and whirring coming from the PC system on headphones (gets worse when processing), yet the monitors seem fine. This seemed to start when I upgraded the PCI-e video card recently.

Any ideas?

Although I know the video card is going to get the blame. They're not cheap.

Re: AIO Pro - PC system noise on headphones


I recently purchased an AIO pro and doing some research to figure out an optimal set-up with it. I think you may be running into grounding issues as the cable is balanced, so are your monitors but your headphones are probably unbalanced.

I haven't yet got an answer regarding using unbalanced headphones with balanced breakout cable but if you have the time, could you please try the unbalanced cable and see if the issue gets solved. It would help me out aswell. Thank you